Airflow Sensor

FlowGuard- airflow sensor for local exhaust ventilation systems


FlowGuard is a sensor to check and indicate whether the airflow in your welding fume extraction system is adequate. FlowGuard can be mounted on an extraction arm, but also suits any other extraction device.

Health and safety regulations such as the British Health and Safety Executive HSG 258 guideline ‘controlling airborne contaminants at work’ require, among other things, that users of welding fume extraction systems have the right to know if they are using proper extraction equipment.

High-quality extraction systems ensure that welding fumes do not reach the welder’s breathing zone. FlowGuard indicates if the present airflow in your extraction system is strong enough. A green LED indicates whether the airflow is OK and a red LED indicates if the airflow dropped below the set values.


  • Easy installation
  • No electrical wiring

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Recommended for

  • Applications where indication of present airflow in extraction arms or any other extraction device is required.
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