Amber 83

Professional floor scrubbing and cleaning machine

Dulevo India pvt. ltd.  are also manufacturers of Amber 83 – a walk behind scrubber drier machine/ equipment for professional floor cleaning. From among the available walk behind scrubber driers from Dulevo India, Amber 83 is the biggest. The operator has  option to intervene at whatever place it is required.

Amber 83 uses chemical solution for the cleaning and scrubbing function. A  system of brushes use the chemical solution from the tank- onto the surface to be cleaned.  A system of squeeges then collect the residual solution into the collection tank.  The scrubber drier is efficient for professional places like schools, colleges, hospitals, etc where there is a requirement for frequent cleaning  for the overall hygiene.

Key Features

Theoretical productivity: 3750 m2/h

Amber 83 is the biggest walk-behind scrubbing machine. It is particularly suitable for medium-large surfaces and as it is very easy to handle. Amber 83 is quite compact in its design and is also suitable for floors with obstacles where a ride-on machine should proceed very slowly. The ergonomic controls and the hydraulic pump make this machine easy to use for scrubbing floors without any efforts.


  • Walk behind machine with traction
  • Power supply 36 V / 240 Ah
  • Cleaning width 830 mm
  • Brushes pressure adjustable max. 80 kg
  • Battery autonomy 4,5 – 6,5 h
  • Solution tank / recovery tank 100 / 105 l
  • Disc brushes 2 x 430 mm
  • Brushes speed 162 rpm

Technical Data

  • Squeegee width: 1070 mm
  • Brushes motor: 1125 Watt
  •  Motion system: automatic
  •  Maximum slope: 15%
  •  Suction motor: 570 Watt
  •  Suction depression: 160 mbar
  •  Machine measurements:
    • length: 1712 mm
    • height: 1195 mm
    • width (without squeegee): 885 mm
    •  Machine weight (without battery): 225 kg
  •  Traction motor: 500 Watt
  •  Speed: 3,2 / 5,0 km/h
  •  Battery van:
    • length: 415 mm
    • width: 770 mm
    • height: 385 mm
    •  Class III
  •  Degree of protection: IP 23
  •  Loudness: 70,9 dB (A)
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