Balancer 450 Series


The balancer-450 series enables easy operation of the vehicle exhaust system. With the use of a powerful spring the balancer holds and lifts the hose of the system. The balancer is designed to balance a load within 0-4,5 m (0-15 ft.) with a maximum angle of 30° from the plumb line. The balancer is equipped with a spring tension lock which holds the wire in extended position. The locking function can easily be turned on or off depending on area of use.


The BRC-450/13-16-HB is a unique balancer integrated with a hydraulic brake, ensuring a soft close retraction until the balancer is completely retracted. This facilitates a safe retraction of the hose after disconnection without the risk of a hose flying back. The approximate retraction speed is 6 m/min. (20 ft/min) The BRC-450/13-1-HB is ideal in conjunction with the crab return system.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable tension
  • Closed housing
  • Controlled retraction (HB only)
  • Handles heavy weight
  • Lock function
  • Wire length 4,5 meters (15 ft.)
  • 13-16 kg lifting capacity
  • Micro switch ready

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Recommended for

  • Heavy duty applications
  • Military facilities
  • Drive through vehicle test facilities
  • All Plymovent STR rail systems, CRS, VSRX, booms and drops
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