Dock Shelter

Keep your loading dock safe, dry and energy efficient with Kelley dock seals and dock shelters. Servicing a wide variety of trailer sizes and types, Kelley dock seals and shelters have featured industry-leading innovation for years. Kelley products feature ultra-durable TufSteel®; framing for years of reliable performance. From durable compression-style seals to unique dock shelter solutions, the Kelley line offers a range of products that provide maximum durability and efficiency for a variety of dock applications.


Dock Shelters

Kelley loading dock shelters help protect your assets and your people from the elements while providing full, unimpeded vehicle access for a safe and productive dock. Dock shelters also help maintain temperatures in climate-controlled facilities, adding to the energy savings benefits. The flexible structures can withstand damaging force and compression when a trailer backs up to the wall for years of reliable performance.


  • Ultra-durable TufSteel® framing for years of reliable performance (TufSteel® is backed with a 5-year warranty)
  • Wide selection of durable coated fabrics for maximum durability
  • Optional flame-retardant foam and fabrics
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