Dulevo 75

Sweeper machine for Professional/Industrial cleaning and sweeping

Key Features

Dulevo India pvt ltd is also manufacturer of Dulevo 75-  a professional/ industrial sweeper. This sweeping and cleaning machine/ equipment is more than a solution, especially if dust is an issue. This compact industrial sweeper/cleaner is very suitable for heavy duty professional/ industrial sweeping requirements especially for narrow areas like lanes, pavements, streets, etc which require regular cleaning because they remain dusty for most of the time. It is an efficient machine/ equipment for working on varied size of particles  like fine dust and also for large gravels. The sweeper can also be used quite easily in public and logistic areas such as warehouses, loading docks, parking etc.

Dulevo 75  sweeper features everything an industrial and professional sweeping/ cleaning machine needs in order to be productive: Large hopper, high power, outstanding sweeping result and very performing suction system for best cleaning.

The action of the brooms throws the dust and the debris into a large capacity hopper. The dust is controlled and aspirated by a powerful turbine that blows clean air through a high performance filter. Because of a special filtering fabric, zero dust emission into the environment is ensured, while doing the sweeping jobs, and only clean air is released into the environment by the dust filter.

The Dulevo filtering system is designed not only to retain the finest dust up to 3 micron but also:

  • to allow a huge suction
  • to be very difficult to clog
  • to be very easy to clean
  • to be very long lasting

Ergonomically also, this compact rider industrial/ professional sweeper is very efficient. It has very large space for legs, comfortable drive position, very few and simple switches makes the machine pleasant to use and quick to learn.

Every detail of this rider industrial sweeper has been designed in order to obtain the best cleaning result, that too while ensuring a low operational running cost even when used by new/inexperienced users. Machines are available in , LPG, Petrol or Battery versions as well as a host of accessories to customize individual needs.

Some of the features:

  • Direct throw sweeping system for outstanding cleaning result even in demanding working conditions
  • Heavy duty steel chassis
  • Heavy duty large motors
  • Water cooled engines to withstand hot climates and long working shifts
  • Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function
  • No electronics on board
  • No tools needed to change main broom
  • Powerful filter shaker
Model   75 EH 75 SH
Sweeping path min. mm 700 700
Sweeping path max mm 1200 1200
Cleaning performance sqm/h 7200 7200
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 85 85
Filtering PM10  % 99 99
Fuel Battery 24 v petrol/gpl
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