Elbow to Flange Welding Stations

Elbow to Flange Welding Stations

HL Longitudinal Seam Welding System

The system is mainly used for welding elbow to flange. It requests less labor intensity and skills than manual welding, but gets high quality.


The system solves the issue of automatic welding for both inside and outside seams in welding elbow to flange with MAG welding procedure. In welding, the welding pool is in protection gas to insure quality and meet requirement of welding joints.


  • Solved inside and outside two seams welding simultaneously, minimizingrequirements on labor intensity and skills
  • Open headstock rotator design which is convenient for load/unload
  • High efficiency, e.g φ155 pipe welding time less than 60s for two seams at the same time
  • Unique welding process for two seams
  • Patent design of open headstock rotator with AC servo motor for stable rotation and high a accurate control
  • Suitable for variable OD bent pipe – flange inside and outside seams welding simultaneously.


  • Pipe diameter: OD Φ165~200mm
  • Wall thickness range: 5~8mm
  • Weight: ≤45kg
  • Welding current: 60~500A
  • Wire diameter: Φ1.2mm
  • Function: pulse current, rotation, wire feeding, protection gas, oscillation
  • Program memory: 50.
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