FT 120/10

High pressure water jet based washer/ machine for professional cleaning

FT120/ 10 is high pressure water jet based cleaning machine/ washer. It employs water discharge at very high -pressure through a every narrow nozzle for cleaning. It uses 120 bars of pressure. This washer/ cleaner can also use chemical solution for cleaning.

FT 120/10 can be conveniently used for
Tank cleaning
Investment casting cleaning
Vessel cleaning
Pool refurbishing
Heat exchanger tube cleaning & pipe cleaning ,

and for many other cleaning purposes.

Key Features

Standard Equipment:

  • HP hose 10 mtr.
  • Gun + Lance
  • Low pressure chemical device
  • High pressure pump with brass head and ceramic pistons
Model FT 120/10
Pressure 120 bar
Flow rate 10 l/min
Motor revolution 1450 rpm
Voltage 230V – 50 Hz
Power 3 HP
Dimensions 480x760x760
Tank capacity 16 Ltr
Weight 52 Kg
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