FT 150/15

High pressure water jet based professional cleaning equipment/washer

FT 150/15 is a high pressure water jet based washer/ cleaner. The cleaning machine uses water under high pressure of 15o bar for cleaning. It has an option of including chemical solution additionally for cleaning.

The cleaner also has a pressure regulating valve with which you can adjust the machine according as your requirement. There is also a detergent tank  for very tough removing applications. FT 150/ 15 finds applications like:

Cleaning gutters, roofs, decks, sidewalks
Tank cleaning
Chloride removal from concrete
Asbestos removal ,
and many other applications in varied professional areas

Key Features

Standard Equipment:

  • HP hose 10 mtr.
  • Gun + Lancia
  • Low Pressure Cleaning Device
  • High pressure pump with brass head and ceramic pistons
  • Pressure Regulating Valve
  • Detergent tank
Model FT 150/15
Pressure 150 bar
Flow rate 900 l/h
Motor revolution 1450 gpm
Voltage 400V – 50 Hz
Power 5.5 HP
Dimensions 480x760x760
Tank capacity 16 Ltr
Weight 56 Kg
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