FT 200/15

High pressure water jet based professional cleaning device/ washer

FT 200/1 is high pressure water jet cleaner from Dulevo India. It is useful for professional cleaning requirements where the work is not that easy. It employs 200 bar pressure on the water for the cleaning. An increasing effect is  employed with the water flowing speed at 15litres per minute.

All these features combined together make this washer an ideal companion for various professional cleaning requirements like
Vessel cleaning
Oil field cleaning applications
Pool refurbishing
Asbestos removal
Chloride removal from concrete
and various other professional cleaning requirements

Key features

Standard Equipment:

  • HP hose 10 mtr.
  • Gun + Lance
  • Low pressure chemical device
  • High pressure pump with brass head and ceramic pistons
Model FT 200/15
Pressure 200 bar
Flow rate 15 l/min
Motor revolution 1450 rpm
Voltage 400V – 50 Hz
Power 7.5 HP
Dimensions 480x760x760
Tank capacity 16 Ltr
Weight 60 Kg
Pump Annovi Raverberi (RK15/20 AR)
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