HP 750

HP 750

Description: High Flow Servo-Dome Loaded Regulator

The Model HP 750 series regulator is a high pressure, high flow regulator system. The key to the performance of this regulator is the servo-dome load technology. The servo-dome load feature allows the regulator to supply high flow rates with straight line pressure regulation.

Typical Application:  High Flow Dome Load
Laser assist gases
Pressure transfer
Blanketing & high flow manifold



  • 0-250, 500, or 1000 PSIG delivery pressure
  • 3000 and 5500 PSIG inlet pressures
  • Tamper proof, self-reseating internal safety valve on 250 & 500 models only
  • One piece encapsulated seat design with 10-micron filtration
  • Conforms to CGA E-4 standard for gas pressure regulators
Stages Gauges Gas Purity Certifications
Single psi/kPa 99.99% CGA E-4


Max Inlet Pressure PSIG Max Inlet Pressure Metric Gas Service Gas Supply Gas Weight Pressure Regulation Cv
6000 300 Laser
Food Service
Ultra High Flow
Bulk Gas System
Non-corrosive 8.5 lbs. (3.85 kg) 0.3 psig/100 psig 0.55
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