Professional high pressure water jet based cleaning device/ washer with plungers

Hynox 100XM is high pressure water jet based cleaning device/ machine. The washer uses heated wated pressurized to upto 150 bars to be used for cleaning. Water from the device can eaislu reach a temperature of upto 140 degree celsius, which allows for a more effective cleaning.
The main principal employed here is that when we pass water having a very high temperature at very speed through a very narrow nozzle , it can easily loosen very hard stains, molds quite easily.

Hynox 100XM also comes with ceramic plungers for those clogged pipelines and other requirements. In addition, warning systems are also employed in this industrial/ professional water based washer indicating power, lack of fuel and lack of water and TSI.

Key Features


  • Triplex pump with ceramic plungers.
  • Connecting rod system.
  • Pressure regulator with built-in detergent suction.
  • Fuel, water and detergent filters.
  • Pressure gauge and thermostat. Safety valve.
  • TSI security system including: time delayed auto stop start 3 seconds delay on boiler start-up, Stop for lack of water, stop for leak detection, stop after 1 hour in total stop, burner shutdown in case of lack of fuel.
  • Electric Motor with thermal protector
  • High efficiency vertical stainless steel boiler AISI 430 boiler with refractory cement base.  A photocell is available as an optional feature.
  • 24V control panel with warning light indicating power, lack of fuel and lack of water and TSI.
  • Easily removable fuel tank.
  • Chassis with fuel tank.
Model HYNOX 100XM 15.15
Max. Pressure 150 bar / 2200 psi
Flow rate 900 l/h
Max. inlet water temp. 30 °C
Max. outlet water temp. 140 °C
Absorbed Power 4.5 KW
RPM 1450
Electric Cable 5 mtr
Dimensions LxWxH 110x67x80 cm
Weight 110 Kg
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