Jade 50

Automatic  scrubber drier machine for professional floor cleaning in India

Dulevo India pvt ltd are also manufacturers of Jade 55- a professional floor cleaning scrubber drier machine, suited especially for India, as there are so many places where frequent cleaning is required because the environment remains dusty most of the times. There are so many road constructions, house construction happening here all the year round.  This  scrubber drier machine provides an automatic, flexible, and compact cleaning solution for floors and other surfaces.

Merely at 101kg, the Jade 55 scrubbing machine is a great professional solution for floor cleaning, with option for walk behind walker for the manual intervention whenever needed, and automatic docking system when not needed.

The scrubbing action is done by brushes which get chemical solution from a tank to do the cleaning. A system of squeeges automatically collect the residual into the collection tank

Key Features

Theoretical productivity: 2250 m2/h

Single brush version with a cleaning width of 50 cm. The strong and silent aluminium brush base is provided with a geared motor designed by Adiatek.

This machine is suitable for all those situations where  the frequent cleaning of the scrubbing brush is important as this model is provided with an automatic docking system for the bush that does not require the manual intervention for cleaning floor.

The scrubber drier machine is perfect for professional floor cleaning in hospital, schools and all the environments where care for the hygiene is more important.


  • Walk behind machine with taction
  • Battery autonomy 3 – 5 h
  • Power supply 24 V / 180 Ah
  • Solution tank / recovery tank 53 / 56
  • Cleaning width 500 mm
  • Disc brush 1 x 508 mm
  • Brushes pressure adjustable max. 36 kg
  • Brushes speed 165 rpm

Technical Data

  • Squeegee width: 850 mm
  • Brushes motor: 600 Watt
  • Motion system: automatic
  • Maximum slope: 10%
  • Suction motor: 400 Watt
  • Suction depression: 120 mbar
  • Machine measurements:
    • length: 1335 mm
    • height: 1078 mm
    • width (without squeegee): 590 mm
  • Machine weight (with battery): 101kg
  • Traction motor: —  180 Watt
  • speed: — 3.2 / 4.5 km/h
  • Battery van:
    • length: 390 mm
    • width: 405 mm
    • height: 374 mm
  • Class: III
  • Degree of protection: IP 23
  • Loudness: 68.5 db(A)
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