Jade 66

Professional automatic scrubber drier machine for floor cleaning  in India

Jade 66 is a walk behind scrubber drier machine by Dulevo India. The scrubber drier is efficient for automatic floor/ surface cleaning and scrubbing, and uses chemicals for the scrubbing function.

The scrubbing machine consist of a brush which cleans the surface, a tank for holding the chemical, system of squeegees to collect the residue, and a collection tank where the residue is collected.

Jade 66 is efficient for floor/ surface cleaning, and has good use for  professional cleaning.The user walks behind the machine, and does the intervention whenever it is required

Key Features

Theoretical productivity: 3000 m2/h

This machine version is provided with two counter-rotating disc brushes and it has a cleaning width of 66 cm.

Jade 66 is very compact with a large working width, those features make the scrubber drier indicated for both large places that need a fast cleaning and very dirty floor with narrow passages.

The machine is equipped with a strong, shockproof aluminium brush base. The elastic joints of the brushes supports grant a perfect adherence reducing any vibration during scrubbing


  • Walk behind machine with traction
  • Battery autonomy 3 – 5 h
  • Power supply 24 V / 180 Ah
  • Solution tank / recovery tank 53 / 56
  • Cleaning width 660 mm
  • Disc brushes 2 x 345 mm
  • Brushes pressure adjustable max. 50 kg
  • Brushes speed 200 rpm

Technical Data

  • Squeegee width: 850 mm
  • Brushes motor: 800 Watt
  • Motion system: automatic
  • Maximum slope: 10%
  • Suction motor: 400 Watt
  • Suction depression: 120 mbar
  • Machine measurements:
    • length: 1360 mm
    • height: 1098 mm
    • width (without squeegee): 720 mm
  • Machine weight (without battery): 111kg
  • Traction motor: — 180 Watt
  • speed: — 3.2 / 4.5 km/h
  • Battery van:
    • length: 390 mm
    • width: 405 mm
    • height: 374 mm
  • Class: III
  • Degree of protection: IP 23
  • Loudness: 68 db(A)
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