Jolly 150/15

High pressure water jet device/ washer for professional cleaning

Jolly 150/15 is a professional cleaning device which hihg pressure water jet for the cleaning. The washer supports a high temperature of upto 140 degrees for the water, and operates at a pressure of 150 bar.
High pressure water jet cleaners/ washers  apply the principal of pushing down pressurized water through very narrow nozzle, and that too at very high speeds. Jolly 150/ 15 is a more effective washer because it also allows for boiling of water also in a boiler also. The washer finds varied professional, industrial and municipal cleaning applications

Key features

Standard Equipment:

  • Total Stop
  • Gun + Lancia
  • High Pressure Hose 10 MT
  • Low Pressure Cleaning Device
  • Pressure Regulating Valve
  • Safety valve
  • Pump with Brass Head and Ceramic Pistons
  • High Temperature Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Detergent tank
Model Jolly 150/15
Pressure 150 bar
Flow 900 l/h
Maximum Water Temperature 0-140 °
Motor Turns 1450 gpm
Power 400 V
Engine Power 5.5 Hp
dimensions 880 x 590 x 730 mm
Fuel tank 14 liters
Weight 118 kg
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