Lanko Flooring

Lanko 123

123 LANKOSELF THICK is a self-leveling screed for old and new interior and exterior floors. lt is a ready-to-wet mortar for preparing substrates before laying thin coverings or resurfacing. 123 LANKOSELF THICK can be covered with most floor-coverings or can be left bare.

Lanko Floor Screed

Lanko Floor Screed is a high quality cementitious product which is easy to use by simply adding water to give an excellent mix. It provides good workability for casting onto new or old concrete floor.

Lanko 173

Lanko 173 is a cement based, internal, self leveling, underlayment designed for leveling floors.

Lanko 712

712 RAPIDEX is a ready-to-wet mortar composed of sand, special cement and admixtures.

Lanko 783

Lanko 783 is a two component pre-packed high performance acrylic polymer modified cement based mortar with high abrasion, impact and skid resistances and is ideal for car parks and industrial flooring.

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