Multiple Arm Systems

Fully controlled multiple arm system removes welding fumes effectively


We offer a wide range of extraction arms for at-source capture of welding fumes and grinding dust. Different arm lengths and diameters can be specific to certain processes and application. Plymovent extraction arms are available in working radiuses from 1.0 to 8.8 metres with diameters of 75 to 200 mm.

The Plymovent filter range varies from small single filters to large modular, self-cleaning filters which can be expanded as your business grows.

A state-of-the-art Plymovent system will automatically monitor and adjust the air volume needed depending on how many workplaces are being used at any given time. The controls in the system will automatically adjust to the pressure drop in mechanical filters and maintain the air volume performance at each fume extractor. An automatically controlled extraction system will also lower your energy consumption. It will enable you to substantially lower your use of electricity and overall energy consumption and therefore give a shorter ROI (return on investment). You will also make a contribution to improving the global environment. Investing money in at-source capture in hazardous environments results in less absence due to illness and better retention of employees.


  • Optimal personal health and safety by capturing airborne particles before they can spread in the local environment
  • Operating efficiency by minimizing air processed in ventilation and filtration
  • Investment efficiency by minimizing the dimensions of ventilation and air handling equipment
  • Energy efficiency by minimizing the energy required to run the air handling and ventilation systems
  • Environmental efficiency by lowering energy consumption and by more efficient containment of pollutants
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