Oxygen Conserving Device

Oxygen Conserving Device

Description: Electronic OCD

The OCD is a highly effective electronic conserving device which provides convenience and portability for patients requiring therapeutic oxygen. This device is used in conjunction with portable oxygen cylinders to provide patients with oxygen delivery at their prescribed doses while greatly reducing the amount of oxygen consumed.

The OCD conserves oxygen by not delivering oxygen during the latter part of inhalation, nor during exhalation. Ordinary continuous flow oxygen systems waste oxygen during both of these stages of the breathing cycle. The amount of oxygen that is delivered has been determined to meet oxygen requirements equivalent to continuous flow rates by varying the frequency with which the oxygen pulse is delivered. The Harris OCD varies this frequency by using a breath skipping algorithm.

  • Up to a 7:1 oxygen conservation ratio
  • Electronic inhalation breath detection technology delivers oxygen very early in the inhalation cycle
  • Easy-to-understand settings correspond to continuous flow rates
  • Multiple visual and audible alarms provide assurance the unit is functioning properly
  • Operates up to six weeks on a single size “C” battery
  • Tri-color battery life indicator
  • Variable prescription settings from 1 to 4 LPM
  • ses standard supply tubing and single lumen cannula


Part Number Model Number
4309618 OCD


Part Number Gas Equipment Type Inlet Outlet Flow Range
4309618 Oxygen 0-15 LPM Flowmeters Hose Barb Hose Barb 0-6 LPM
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