Professional Sweepers

Dulevo India pvt ltd is also a manufacturer of professional sweepers for the purpose of professional cleaning and sweeping solutions in India. These sweepers are efficient for cleaning and sweeping places like roads, streets, pavements, and others. These sweeper machines are able to reach difficult and uneven places quite easily. For professional cleaning requirements, we have two options available :
1. Sweepers having no seating options for the operator/ walk behind sweeper.
2. Sweepers with an option for ride along operator/ with a seat for the operator.
Both the options are suitable for professional cleaning and sweeping requirements in India. Both type of sweepers are available with many options for the customer.

Dulevo 1300

Industrial/ professional floor sweeping and cleaning machines in India …

Spark 1000

SPARK 1000- Industrial cleaning and sweeping machine Key Features …

Spark 1000 HD

Spark 1000HD- Industrial cleaning and sweeping machine Key Features …

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