Protective Coating

Potable Water Tank Coating

1. Conforms to USFDA Regulation – 21 CFR 175.300
2. 100% Non Volatile and long lasting
3. Prevents contact of potable water with concrete and hence contamination.
4. Seamless and hygienic coating finishes.
5. Easy cleaning and low maintenance.
6. Easy to apply for potable water tank coating
7. Excellent bonding for long term durability.
8. Good Chemical resistance from salt fungi, algae and carbons.
9. Can be applied on concrete and steel surfaces.

Salt Efflorescence Coating

-Structures in coastal regions or where hard water is prevalent during construction
suffer from high salt contamination within the masonry and concrete substrates. Wet and dry cycles result in salt efflorescence from inside the substrate.
-Efflorescence is a condition where white (salt) deposits form on the surface of the masonry. The formation of salts is usually a sign of excessive amounts of moisture in the masonry.
-These deposits are generally not harmful to the building, just unattractive. However, they should be washed from the surface as soon as possible. Some salt deposits are water-soluble for only a brief period after reaching the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere eventually converts these salts into water-insoluble carbonates, which are impossible to remove without the use of acids.
-This procedure includes guidance on removing salt deposits/efflorescence from brick and stone masonry.
1- Heritage buildings
2- Old buildings
3- Construction buildings
4- Salt lake side Buildings
5- Beachside Structures

Transparent PU Coating

With the help of professionals, our firm is accomplished to provide Transparent PU Coating Service in diverse specifications. Our presented products are enormously employed owing to their longer service life and durability.


1. High performance protective and decorative coatings for concrete, steel and other substrates.
2. This coating solutions are very helpful to the long term use of equipments as well as floors.
3. We Provide Anti-bacterial coatings
4. Corrosion protective coatings
5. Chemical protective Coatings ect.
6. For pharmacy & Food Industries.


Silicone Water Repellent Coating

Silicone water repellents and waterproofing materials repel water molecules but allow water vapor to pass through.Water Repellant For Masonary Surface. Silicon Base Transparent Water Repellent Coating (AQUA SHIELD) is a very economical, water soluble and solvent soluble of active silicone designed to impart water repellence more

Flame Resistive Coating

FIRE RETARDANT & FIRE RESISTANT COATINGSFOR BUILDING MATERIALS. The full line of Firefree Products are water-based, intumescent fire retardant and fire resistant coatings that can withstand extreme temperatures for an extended time .
1. Water borne and hence user friendly, easy to apply.
2. Due to incorporation of broad spectrum fungicide it does not allow any fungal growth.
3. Non Smelling, Non Yellowing.
4. Good stain resistance.
5. U.V resistance
6. Retards flame spread.

Water Repellant Coatings

Our firm is rendering Water Repellent Coating Service. To implement this service, we have selected a skillful team of professionals who hold prosperous acquaintance of this area. Furthermore, we render this service as per the details provided by our honored consumers.

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