Dulevo India pvt. Ltd are manufacturers of Ruby 50e -an electric scrubber drier for industrial and professional floor scrubbing and cleaning requirements. The cleaner comes in the category of floor scrubber driers/ cleaning machine/ equipments in India where the operator walks behind the machine, and does the manual intervention wherever required. The machine does its intended scrubbing and cleaning function by the use of chemicals on the surfaces.

For the srubbing part, the machine has a tank which carries the cleaning solution/ chemical. The brush does it intended cleaning function, and a system of squeeges collect the residuals in a collection tank.

Key Features

Theoretical productivity: 1700 m2/h

It is a single brush, cable powered verion with a cleaning width of 48,5 cm.

There is the possibility to adjust the angle of the brush in order to have it helping the traction.

This single brush version is provided with the automatic brush docking without manual intervention and it is particularly indicated for small environments inside school or hospitals and so where it is necessary a frequent brush cleaning. It is particularly indicated for small environments possibly free from obastacles so where the power cable does not represent an obstacle during work.

Ruby models are also particularly silent thanks to the soundproofing system of the suction motor patented by Adiatek.

  • Squeegee width: 770 mm
  • Brushes motor: 750 Watt
  • Motion system: semiautomatic
  • Maximum slope: 2%
  • Traction motor: 450 Watt
  • Suction depression: 110 mbar
  • Machine measurements:
    length: 1110 mm
    height: 1020 mm
    width (without squeegee): 545 mm
  • Machine weight: 70 kg
  • Class I
  • Degree of protection: IP 23
  • Loudness
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