Spark 1000HD- Industrial cleaning and sweeping machine

Key Features

A compact and manoeuvrable sweeper

The Dulevo 1000 Spark HD man on board sweeper is a professional and reliable machine.

It demonstrates its remarkable productivity and versatility both indoors and outdoors, achieving excellent results on an extremely wide range of surfaces, including rugs.

Slender without being too light, the Dulevo 100 Spark HD sweeper is compact, practical and functional, easy to handle and use, even in congested areas on roads.

The 1000 HD Spark sweeper is available in the BH version with a petrol engine, suitable for outdoor areas, the EH version with battery-powered engine, for indoor and outdoor areas, and YH with hybrid engine (petrol/battery-powered). Each version can also be enriched with an extensive range of accessories.

Easy to use and capable of operating in extremely narrow spaces

The Dulevo Spark HD 1000 sweeper guarantees high performance due to its high tip waste container. The operator can easily empty the container of collected waste and dust, while seated in their place. The machine is also equipped with an effective filtering system in cotton-polyester blend.

The Dulevo 100 Spark HD man on board sweeper can also turn on itself even in very narrow spaces.

The Dulevo 1000 Spark HD man on board sweeper is a valuable solution for all requirements, thanks to its flap system which enables the collection of even bulky waste: an extremely useful device which notably increases machine performance.

This simple and reliable man on board sweeper is easy to maintain and of long duration, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Model   EH BH YH
Minimum cleaning track mm 700 700 700
Maximum cleaning track mm 1200 1200 1200
Container capacity l 75 75 75
Hourly performance mq/h 7800 7800 7800
Power supply Electric 24V Petrol Petrol/Electric
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