SPARK 1000

SPARK 1000- Industrial cleaning and sweeping machine

Key Features

Dulevo 1000 Spark is an always convincing reliable valued-pack professional rider sweeper.

The rider sweeper Dulevo 1000 Spark guarantees productivity and performance either outdoor or indoor, proving its great versatile clean attitude on medium and small areas on different kinds of surfaces and even on carpets.

Forged-in a compact shape without being weightless, its design is compact, practical and functional to make it easy to any operator, resulting manoeuvrable and quick-to-go even in small and narrow spaces.

The Dulevo 1000 Spark rider sweeper can be equipped either with a petrol engine ( Honda ) or with battery powered: both versions are provided with front wheel-traction, resulting the battery powered version more silent and pollution free.

This compact rider sweeper is capable to delivery professional performance thanks to its efficient over-throw sweeping system that combined with a sweeping path of 700/1200 mm it permits reaching a productivity up to 7800 sq/mt per hour.

Its size does not compromise the comfort. Thanks to the rear position of the 70 Lt removable hopper, the operator benefits of a comfortable position with a complete front-side and both-corners clear-view ; while keeping all controls at hands, by simply turning the front steering wheel the Dulevo 1000 Spark rider can sweep easily into corners and almost till corridor’s end.

Everything comes as ordinary and easy with the Dulevo 1000 Spark from picking-up general dust and waste and even the bulky debris by means of its efficient flap-system, a valid trouble-less features that enrich its cleaning performance.

Equipped with a filtering panel system to ensure the dust been kept into the hopper, an electric filtering shaker permits to kept the filtering system clean. The operator can turn on-off the suction turbine, to adapt to the floors condition or to the operator’s needs.

Inside a simple and not-sophisticated, reliable trouble-less engineering’s approach makes this compact rider sweeper quick to maintain resulting indeed a sounding proved wise investment.

Model   1000 EH 1000 BH
Sweeping path min. mm 700 700
Sweeping path max mm 1200 1200
Cleaning performance sqm/h 7800 7800
Waste hopper capacity Lt. 70 70
Filter type Pannel Pannel
Fuel Battery 24 v petrol
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