Steam based industrial/professional cleaning machine

Steam Box Mini is an industrial steamer machine/ equipment. It uses steam which heated to a very high temperature for cleaning the industrial floors/ surface.
It consist of a boiler which produces stem with a very high temperature of 165° C / 329° F. At this temperature, the steam will work on the surface/ floor by automatically killing the allergen present/ loosening the dirt, mold present. By mopping action, this cleaner is able to finally remove/ vacuumize the  dirt from te industrial/ professional surface.

Key Features

3,75 kW

SINGLE-PHASE or THREE-PHASE steam generator with automatic refilling system with electro mechanical water level control inside the boiler – True Temp™, stainless steel chassis and body watertight IPX5, injection of detergent.
Electric console with: thermometer, pressure gauge, hour meter, “CALC” advise for boiler cleaning.

  • Overheated water injection – OPTIONAL
  • Standard detergent injection
  • Automatic water refilling system
  • Connection for water supply


Steam/vacuum accessories for use at 6 bar.

Kit steam accessories. Can be combined with our mono-phase steam models: For all Steam models until 6 bar.

Steam mop for cleaning of floors and vertical surfaces. Light and very handy with 5/10m hose, telescopic tube and 40cm cloths cotton/polyester and microfiber (optional), steam regulation (min-med-max) on the handle. For all Steam models until 6 bar.

Technical Details

Boiler Stainless steel AISI 304 (with interchangeable heating element)
Body Stainless Steel AISI 304 BA
Boiler Volume 5 l
Maximum Output 3.75 kW
Boiler Output 3,6 kW
Water Tank 7,5 l
Detergent Tank 7,5 l
Operating Pressure 6 bar / 87 psi
Steam temperature 165° C / 329° F
Steam production (g/min) 97 g/min
5,9 Kg/h
Detergent temperature da 90 a 125° C / da 194 a 257° F
Vaccum Output 1,2 kW
Air Flow 200 m3/H
Depression 2200 mm
Power Supply 1~: 230 V / 3~: 400 V – 50/60 Hz
Power Cord 8 m
Weight 30 Kg / 66 lb
Packaging (Length x Width x Height)” 50x40x80 cm (GEN) 1,6×1,3×2,6 ft
63x45x75 cm (ASP) 2×1,5×2,5 ft
Quantity per pallet 4 (115x115cm) – 2 (120x80cm)
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