Business strength & model

K.V.Enterprises prides in its highly efficient marketing team with innovative and out of the box ideas to think ahead of the time and turn challenges into opportunities.

The company has its centralized marketing office at Gurgaon backed with a committed chain of  dealers and distributors spread across the entire country.

The company has been consistently creating better brand awareness of its products, which now enjoy a comprehensive reach across north.

Leaders create revolutionary concepts, articulate the concepts, passionately own the concepts and relentlessly drive them to completion.

The model also gives a unique identity to the franchisee units and helps them in leveraging their level of operations and quality to sustain well amidst rising competition in the  sector.

And ultimately it also benefits the customer, who gains the most by getting top quality products at the most effective prices.

The new Franchisee Model adopted by K.V.Enterprises is really changing the way its’ partners do business regionally. The trusted name of K.V.Enterprises is spelling a new tale of success by leveraging their facilities to perform on a far improved level and thus bringing in more productivity in their day-to-day operations.

Benefits To Franchisee

  • This alliance provides the franchisee  with K.V.Enterprises. expertise and experience for an efficient business.
  • A ready platform in the niche market giving a facelift to this unorganised sector/new enterprises.
  • K.V.Enterprises brand leverage to the franchisee units is also immense.
  • It also gives them access to K.V.Enterprises. nationwide marketing network.
  • They can avail K.V.Enterprises quality assurance and technological expertise.
  • They also get assistance of K.V.Enterprises centralised promotion support.

K.V.Enterprises.wider presence helps them an easy & fast availability of bank funding.While the Franchisees gain a lot from the Franchisee Model, K.V.Enterprises on the other hand also benefits in terms of increased brand presence, increased Penetration and also a wider distribution network .

Advantage To K.V.Enterprises

More  franchisee units result in increasing of market share and improvement of brand equity .

  • The franchisee  also ensure quick service & delivery of products to the consumers.
  • K.V.Enterprises is also benefited by efficient handling of large volumes, which ultimately adds to its’ bargaining power.
  • K.V.Enterprises has a better brand presence due to easy availability of product in all parts of the country.

The Stockyard Model

The stockyard model adopted by K.V.Enterprises is also a step towards achieving more de-centralization in its’ daily activities. By initiating direct marketing policy of setting up stockyards at various strategic locations, K.V.Enterprises has led to easy availability of goods throughout the country.

Efficient mobility of products to the market is the prime motive of K.V.Enterprises behind setting up stock yards across the Entire country. K.V.enterprise’s strategically placed stockyards help its’ corporate clients/institutions in improving their inventory control due to fast delivery at site in minimum time. Controlled by our centralized marketing mechanism, K.V.Enterprises stockyards have proved beneficial to its’ long list of corporate clients/institutions.

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