What solutions can KV-ENTERPRISES provide for non-palletised loads?

KV-ENTERPRISES manufactures and supplies JOWALK, JUMBOELECTRIC , JOTRUCK and TUGGER for handling non-palletised loads.

What is the maximum non palletised load that be handled by KV-ENTERPRISES equipment?

KV-ENTERPRISES 3 wheel Jumbo electric can be used to haul load upto 3 Mt. However the tugger version of Jumbo electric can be used to tow upto 5MT. The 4 wheel JOTRUCK can carry upto 4 MT

Where can KV-ENTERPRISES Platform trucks be used?

KV-ENTERPRISES Platform trucks can be used in factories, stores, dockyards, airports, railway workshops, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, auto & auto ancillary plants and a host of other manufacturing units.

For what purposes KV-ENTERPRISES Platform trucks can be used?

KV-ENTERPRISES Platform trucks can be used of carrying personnel, equipment and materials. KV-ENTERPRISES Platform trucks can also be supplied for many specialised applications with suitable modification/attachments

What are the special applications of KVE Platform trucks?

Dumpers, coolent trucks, passenger carriers, baggage trolley tractors, batch trucks for textile batching trolleys, tea can carriers lift trucks are some of the specialised applications developed by KVE. For more details contact [email protected]

How and where can KV-ENTERPRISES platform trucks be used as dumpers?

KV-ENTERPRISES’ engineering can supply both 3 wheel and 4 wheel platform trucks with a separate special dumper attachment This can be used to carry the waste material from inside the plant such as machine turnings, pieces of metal scraps etc and ferried to the dumping yard

Is it safe to use platform trucks as passenger carriers?

Many of KV-ENTERPRISES customers are using the JOTRUCK version of the 4 wheel platform trucks for ferrying passengers with the campuses for many years. KV-ENTERPRISES can also undertake modification of the standard 4 wheel JOTRUCK for carrying the passengers

Can KV-ENTERPRISES Platform trucks be used with trolleys?

KV-ENTERPRISES Jumbo electric tow trucks can be used for pulling a train of trolleys. These are ideal for use in airports, assembly plants, theme parks etc. Please contact [email protected] for specific applications

Can KV-ENTERPRISES supply baggage trolleys for airport application?

KV-ENTERPRISES can supply robust and highly maneuverable baggage trolleys with front wheels mounted on a central turntable and the whole unit turns with towing arm. This is very economical and energy saving solution for airports


How does pallet trolleys improve material movement efficiency?

On an average a normal healthy human being cannot handle loads of unit weight more than 30 Kgs continuously Pallet trolleys can handle palletised load upto 2000 Kg in a single haul and a single operator can lift and move this weight effortlessly over short distances.

Does pallet trolleys really reduce operator fatigue?

AM2200 Pallet trolleys offered by KV-ENTERPRISES are very easy to use. It has standard fast lift which ensures ground clear lifting with only three pump actions and maximum lift height in 5 pump stokes only which is unmatched with the trolleys available from other supplier

What is the average life span of pallet trolleys?

The life of pallet trolleys as in case of any other warehouse equipment depends on the usage and the type of load and surface. If the pallet trolleys are not overloaded beyond the rated capacity and not pushed around on very rough surfaces and also by using genuine OEM KV-ENTERPRISES spare parts the KV-ENTERPRISES pallet trucks are known to give good service for very long extended period of mare than 5 years.

Can Pallet trolleys can be used for non palletised loads?

Pallet trolleys can also be used for carrying small non palletised loads with suitable improvisation to hold the load on the forks. But palletisation really enhances the material handling efficiency and throughput


When do one go for battery operated pallet trucks?

Normally productivity and volume dictate the necessity of BOPTs. As a thumb rule KV-ENTERPRISES Battery operated pallet trucks (EJE & ERE) manufactured under license form Jungheinrich can easily replace 6 – 7 pallet trucks. Besides facilitating lower number of workmen required, it also reduces cluttering, increases efficiency and through put. Where distances to be covered are large, BOPT is a necessity and distances involved are not very high, BOPTs can be used for reducing clutter and increase efficiency.

Can BOPTs be used in assembly lines?

KV-ENTERPRISES Battery operated pallet trucks are quite fast, safe and have good gradient performance. With suitable bin arrangement for carrying the assembly parts, KV-ENTERPRISES EJE and ERE can be used without any problem to enhance the productivity of the assembly lines. For details contact [email protected]

How safe are KV-ENTERPRISES Battery operated pedestrian trucks?

High overload capacity motors, Automatic Brake with automatic power cut off when steering handle in almost vertical or horizontal, automatic reduced travel speed during pedestrian operation and belly button arrangement for emergency shut off are some of the safety features in KV-ENTERPRISES Pedestrian operated pallet trucks EJE/ERE. For more details please contact [email protected]

How is KV-ENTERPRISES BOPT is more reliable than others’?

KV-ENTERPRISES equipment made under license from Jungheinrich, Germany is robust and can normally with stand the harsh working condition of plant environment. The bull gear transmission used as against the chain and sprocket arrangement has been found to be very reliable and less trouble free. This also keeps the power loss at minimum resulting in higher energy efficiency


What are dock levellers?

Dock levellers are devices that bridge the gap between fixed dock height and the variable truck height to provide safe and efficient movement of equipment and materials between trucks/containers and loading/unloading docks.

How is KV-ENTERPRISES Dock levellers different from others?

KV-ENTERPRISES has two models of Dock levellers DL05 & DL10, which can handle 5MT and 10 MT load respectively. The specially designed ramp structures can withstand heavy dynamic loading, specially designed hydraulic power pack ensure leak proof and stable positioning of ramp and automatic 3 button operation (UP,LOAD & PARK) provide for easy and safe operations. For more details contact [email protected]

Is use of dock levellers safe?

KVE Dock levellers come with a number of safety features . It ensures that there are firm and rigid positive bridge between the dock and the container and the dynamic load doesn’t get directly transmitted to cylinders and other supporting members. Care has been taken to prevent warping in use and also safety features in the hydraulic and control system ensures that the operations are made safe and simple. For further details contact [email protected]


When do one go for stackers?

Stackers are to be used for storing and retrieval of palletised goods at various heights. When the stores and warehouses are to be used for storing the goods at various levels upto 6mts height, then the use of stackers becomes imperative.

When does one switch over from manual system of storing and retrial to mechanised system using stackers?

It all depends on the size of the storage place, volume of operations and unit weights of the packages to be handled. A normal healthy manual labour can handle only about 30 Kg unit weight at any time. Fatigue and rest times also affects the efficiency. Palletisation and use of stackers will enhance the throughput and also increase the efficiency of the operations with reduced manpower.

What solutions can KV-ENTERPRISES provide for stacking and retrieving?

For small stores and warehouses KV-ENTERPRISES can provide economic manual and semi automatic stackers of HS & MHS range. For medium and large scale operations, KV-ENTERPRISES EJC, EJB and ERB series have proved to be extremely popular. KV-ENTERPRISES also offers Jungheinrich range of stackers for some specialised applications. For more details contact [email protected]

What factors one should consider while looking for a suitable stacker?

The unit load, the maximum storage height required to be accessed and the aisle width available are the three most important factors that determine the choice of stackers. Apart from these, doorway height and ramp restrictions, floor surface conditions, requirement of container stuffing – destuffing, duty cycles (continuous operation requirement) environmental conditions are some of the other factors that one need to keep in mind too. KV-ENTERPRISES can offer its expertise in studying the actual site conditions and constraints and provide suitable solution to suit users needs. For more details please [email protected]

When only double stacking is required with one over the other, can the use of conventional stackers be avoided?

KV-ENTERPRISES can supply electric Pedestrian double pallet stacker for simultaneously carrying two pallet loads of 1 Mt and stacking them one over the other. For more details contact [email protected]

What is the economic solution for low load Pallet handling in confined spaces?

KV-ENTERPRISES EJC 10/12 for loads upto 1000/1200 Kg can be used in aisle width as narrow as 2400 mm for 1000 X 1200mm size pallets

What is the maximum capacity and reach for KV-ENTERPRISES Stackers?

KV-ENTERPRISES has developed stackers for handling pallet loads of 2000kg at 2800mm to reach height of 6000mm with 800Kg.

How is KV-ENTERPRISES Stackers are more reliable than others’?

KV-ENTERPRISES equipment made under license from Jungheinrich, Germany is robust and can normally with stand the harsh working condition of plant environment. The bull gear transmission used as against the chain and sprocket arrangement has been found to be very reliable and less trouble free. This also keeps the power loss at minimum resulting in higher energy efficiency


What solution can KV-ENTERPRISES offer for handling loads of more than 800 Kg and at heights more than 6000mm?

KV-ENTERPRISES has been supplying and servicing Jungheinrich ETV range of Reach trucks that can easily handle a load of 1000Kg to 2500 Kg and for stacking heights upto 12 meters. The choice of the equipment would depend on the users actual needs and KV-ENTERPRISES expertise in field can be banked on by the user. For more details contact [email protected]

What is the difference between a Stacker and a Reach Truck?

While both stackers and Reach Trucks are used for stacking and retrieval of palletised goods at various levels in a warehouse,in Reach Trucks the whole mast can be moved forward and backward with the load. Thus the vehicle need not be moved forward anf backward at the time of placing and retrieving the goods. As compared to Stackers ,Reach trucks enable the user handle heavy loads at higher levels.

Can Reach Trucks be used in narrow aisles?

Jungheinrich Reach Trucks supplied and serviced by KV-ENTERPRISES in India are specially designed to handle heavy loads that are to be raised to high lift heights within narrow aisles as low as 2500mm. Jugheinrich range of ETV, ETM and Q series Reach trucks of various capacities are available for a number of applications. For specific applications contact [email protected]

What solution can KV-ENTERPRISES offer for long loads?

The Q series Reach trucks of Jungheinrich supplied and serviced by KV-ENTERPRISES are specially designed to handle long products. For more details contact [email protected]

Can Reach trucks be used for outdoor applications?

The C series Reach trucks of Jungheinrich supplied and serviced by KVE are specially designed for both indoor and outdoor use on different types of surface. They are suitable for working on a smooth concrete floor in the warehouse or a bumpy asphalt surface for lorry loading/unloading.

What are VNA trucks?

Jugheinrich VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) trucks EKX, EFX and ETX are high-rack systems with stacking heights of up to 14,570 mm for operation in very narrow aisles of as low as 1400mm (depending on pallet size). For more information contact [email protected]

What are Order Picker trucks?

Order Picker trucks are used for picking up individual cases or items from the palletised loads stacked at various heights in a warehouse.

What are horizontal and vertical order pickers?

Horizontal order pickers generally enable the operators to do the pick up operations from ground level up to about 1.6 meters. For pick up operations at higher levels vertical order pickers have to used which have the provision for the operators to go up and reach the desired level. The ECE range Jungheinrich order pickers supplied and serviced by KVE enable horizontal order picking with various models upto 1500Kg capacity,while the EKS range vertical order pickers enable the operator to go up and pick up to 10.39 Meters height level. For more information contact [email protected]

Is there any solution where pallet stacking and order picking can be done with a single equipment?

Jungheinrich EKX range of electric order picker cum tri lateral stacker supplied and serviced by KV-ENTERPRISES are the ideal solution for high performance in the narrow aisle warehouse. For more information please contact [email protected].


What is the difference between a counter balanced truck and a fork lift?

Both are essentially the same though the term counter balanced trucks is normally associated with electric fork lifts while the term ‘fork lifts’ are used to denote IC engine driven fork lifts

Can Forklift be used in a warehouse instead of Stackers?

Stackers are to be used primarily for stacking and retrieval of palletised goods within the closed environs of warehouses. They are highly maneuverable and can be used in narrow aisle spaces. Forklifts are to be used primarily for loading, unloading and transferring the goods over long distances. Foklists can also be used both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the application and warehouse conditions, Forklifts can also be used for stacking and retrieving but would require wide aisles. However where stackers can be used, it would be uneconomical to use forklift for stacking and retrieval

What is the advantage of using three wheel forklifts?
Three wheel forklifts are generally compact and have smaller turning radius as compared to four wheel forklifts. They are more easily maneuverable in confined spaces as compared to four wheel trucks
What are the limitations of three wheel forklifts?

Three wheel fork lifts requires level floors and are generally available upto 2MT capacity only and typically they have maximum lift height of 5.5 to 6.0 meters only.

Are three wheel forklifts inherently unstable?

No. In fact three wheel forklift have three point contact which is quite adequate for stability as three points form a plane where as in four point contact it may be quite possible that all four contact points need not be in same plane thereby affecting the stability. How ever the stability of any fork lift would depend on the center of gravity falling with in the stability triangle of the base.

Can KV-ENTERPRISES offer fork lifts?

KV-ENTERPRISES can offer both KV-ENTERPRISES as well as JUNGEINRICH fork lifts depending on customers application and other requirements. Whether it is to be used inside the warehouse or in the open yard outside, depending on customers needs KV-ENTERPRISES can supply both electric as well IC engine (Diesel/LPG) fork lifts of capacity ranging from 1000 KG onwards up to 9000 Kg. For more details please contact [email protected]


What is curve control?

Jungheinrich Reach Trucks and Counterbalanced Trucks supplied and serviced by KV-ENTERPRISES in India comes with a unique feature ‘Curve Control’ that enables automatic reduction of travel speed on corners depending on the degree of steering lock. For more details [email protected]

What is regenerative braking?

The AC drive equipments of Jugheinrich supplied and serviced by KV-ENTERPRISES, have regenerative braking as a standard feature by which, energy is reclaimed during braking and reversal operation and is fed into the system. This results in longer application times with same battery capacity, shorter charging times , extended battery life and higher pallet through puts. For more details contact [email protected]

What is the advantage of AC drive over DC drive motor?

he construction of 3-phase AC motor is simpler than that of a shunt wound or series wound motors and by construction it doesn’t require collector ans carbon bushes and doesn’t need to be ventilated from inside. As a result 3 Phase AC motors are maintenance free, Can be fully enclosed to give IP54 protection against dust and water. Further its troque-speed characteristics is such that it is possible to have high torque in low speed range resulting in more performance efficiency. For more information please contact [email protected]

What are the key benefits of AC technology?

1) Low maintenance or virtually maintenance free AC motors due to absence of carbon brushes & commutators. 2) IP54 protection against dust and moisture due to compactness and external cooling arrangement. 3)More performance efficiency resulting in higher throughput due to dynamic travel characteristics. 4)High performance efficiency and energy reclamation due regenerative baking. 5)Wear-free baking due to electronic braking taking advantage of high torque characteristics.


How long does KV-ENTERPRISES electric truck can be operated on a fully charged battery?

Mean time between charging (MTBC) depends on the type and battery capacity, load, surface condition, frequency of operation etc. As such a fully charged KV-ENTERPRISES electric trucks can be used during a shift comfortably

When should one charge the battery in KV-ENTERPRISES MHE?

Normally battery charging should be done to full capacity when it is discharged upto 80% charged level of the capacity. With proper maintenance of the battery as prescribed by the battery supplier, the battery life can be prolonged.

When should one replace the battery ?

Life of a battery depends on usage and maintenance and normally the battery life is measured in number of charging cycles. Typically, batteries provided by KV-ENTERPRISES has a life of about 1000 charging cycles under ideal conditions. Accordingly, the mean time between replacement of batteries will depend on the proper usage and maintenance of the batteries.


What solution can KV-ENTERPRISES offer for distribution centers?

KV-ENTERPRISES can work out suitable lay outs and racking solutions KV-ENTERPRISES can also provide the optimum material handling solutions in terms of equipment to be used inside the warehouse

What solution can KV-ENTERPRISES offer at loading and unloading point?

KV-ENTERPRISES can provide Dock lift and Dock levellers for faster loading and unloading at dock bay. KV-ENTERPRISES can also offer both electric and diesel forklifts for loading and unloading pallets from trucks containers etc

Can KV-ENTERPRISES equipment be used for container stuffing?

Forklifts and stackers used for stuffing and de-stuffing containers should have a higher free lift so that the mast does not hit the roof of the container when the fork is raised The customer should specify the same in the beginning itself so that suitable model with suitable free lift requirement can be identified

Can KV-ENTERPRISES cater to cold chain logistics?

KV-ENTERPRISES can offer special type Jungheinrich stackers and reach trucks that can or in -30 deg C. They ensure flexible handling of the most diverse loads at most diverse heights with economic and space saving qualities in one truck. For more details contact

What is the ideal solution for handling a large number of assorted packages?

Jungheinrich order pickers offered by KV-ENTERPRISES, enables quick, safe and efficient order picking KV-ENTERPRISES can offer horizontal order picker for order picking from first rack level and vertical order pickers for picking orders from various levels.


What does KV-ENTERPRISES have to offer to Auto and auto ancillaries?

Almost all products manufactured by KV-ENTERPRISES are being used by many in Auto and Auto ancillaries sector. KV-ENTERPRISES has

Does KV-ENTERPRISES has anything to offer for Logistics sector?

Many in logistics sector have benefited by using equipments KV-ENTERPRISES in terms of productivity, efficiency and economy. KV-ENTERPRISES can offer solutions specific to the customers constraints and needs. For instance KV-ENTERPRISES can work out various storage layouts and material handling equipment requirements for a warehouse keeping in mind the material flow path and minimum throughput required. For more details contact [email protected]

How can Retail industry benefit from KV-ENTERPRISES?

Since retail industry work on wafer thin margins, they can gain a lot in matters of optimum vertical and horizontal space utilisation through effective and efficient material handling. KV-ENTERPRISES offers it services in issues related to warehouse design,storage solutions and material handling solutions. For more details contact [email protected]

How does KV-ENTERPRISES support food and Pharma sector?

Food and Pharma sector is a major area which has been benefited the most from KV-ENTERPRISES products and services as KV-ENTERPRISES equipment have always met and even exceeding the exacting requirement of their application requirement. KV-ENTERPRISES has a vast reference from this sector and are still maintaining the lead .

Are KV-ENTERPRISES equipment suitable for the environment in Chemical sector?

KV-ENTERPRISES equipment are being used by may chemical industry for many decades and KV-ENTERPRISES has been enjoying very good reputation with its service set up on maintaining their equipment.

Which industry has benefited the most from KVE products?

KV-ENTERPRISES Material Handling Division has been catering to almost all sectors of Indian industry for over four decades. KV-ENTERPRISES has excellent references from many companies in automobile industry, auto ancillaries, chemical, Food processing & Beverages, consumer goods, FMCG, engineering and capital goods industry, textile,Pharmaceutical, retail, logistics and many other sectors.

Can KV-ENTERPRISES offer any specific solutions to Textile industry?

The engineering department of KV-ENTERPRISES is capable of providing the right solution to the right applications. For instance KV-ENTERPRISES have developed various batching trucks for towing batching trolleys for textile industry. KV-ENTERPRISES can undertake specific studies to issues related to each customer and arrive at the right material handling solutions. For details please get in touch with [email protected]

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