Working with KVE

KVE’s  work culture simply spells ‘Josh’, which signifies enthusiasm, sharing of ideas, space to voice yourself and work place that is interesting and gives you a complete job satisfaction. At KVE, you will find an environment that inculcates synergy and teamwork. The organisation believes that it’s the people who can realize its vision.

A feedback-oriented system of work facilitates continuous improvement and this is done through informal feedback sessions, organizational climate surveys for internal customer satisfaction. KVE also carries out satisfaction survey with the external customers. These surveys gather feedback from all the stakeholders involved to achieve process improvements.

KVE believes that people perform best in an environment, which permits freedom of expression and an air of informality. The organisation encourages its team members to counter a viewpoint without fear of retribution. The belief that ‘Every member has a Leadership potential’ is reflected in KVE practice of assigning critical tasks based on capability, rather than seniority. KVE discourages hierarchical barriers and our team members are free to reach one another in the organisation. Our team members are encouraged to address each other by their first name irrespective of the role or position. Every member is a partner in the company’s progress.

KVE recognizes human resources as its best assets and thus the best contributors in achievement of its business objectives. The organisation enables its people to perform and excel in their career path through various learning programmes.

You can expect to get exposure to best of product lines in terms of technology and applications and a wide spectrum of the customers across various industrial segments throughout the country. You will find an open door workplace and environment that is full of energy, a place where the performers are rewarded and assured their career path

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