CSR Initiatives

We believe that life is a moral responsibility along with several other things, therefore we believe in giving back to the society. Since the community has given us so much including the recognition in the society, petronage and clientele to spread out our business to such great pinnacle, we at K.V.Enterprises are committed to our responsibility towards the society as a whole.

We make sure that our thoughts are converted into actions to maintain the environmental sustainability for the generations to come. Taking special care to avoid any damage to the environment we ensure that steps are taken to avoid industrial discharge and unhealthy ways of residue or garbage disposal.

Having weaved a campaign around this philosophy we have recently launched a ‘Green India’ drive under which our Associates & Employees will be motivated to plant at least 5 saplings each year and nurture them to complete growth. Apart from the environmental safety, another initiative ensuring basic education for the underprivileged children by sponsoring Children for there Education.

Also, through various education institutions, we guide students in academic projects related to air pollution. We are committed to creating a quieter and more peaceful.
As part of our business we also promote creation of a healthier  & safer Work Envoirnment for Industry as a whole.

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