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K.V.Enterprises started operations with the trading of Welding Electrodes in the year 1998. Over the years, the company has pioneered various global technologies in India including equipment & System Integrations for Automobile ,Engineering & Electricals etc in the fields of Welding Equipments ,Packaging Solutions, Air liquid storage & Distributions ,material handling products ,safer & Cleaner Envoirmental products like Fume,Dust  Extraction systems , clean Air Products & Floor cleaning & Aesthetic Products.

Today, K.V.Enterprises has carved a formidable reputation in the Indian industry as an engineering and knowledge organization, catering to customized technology requirements of various industrial segments, with a strong focus on total customer satisfaction.   Since 1998 it is our constant endeavour to associate with global partners and give best in class innovative solutions to the Indian Industry. It is our rich experience that has enabled us to acquire deep knowledge of critical processes. It also allows us to spot market trends early and develop and propose technology based solutions and services for specific needs.

Our National & Global partners not only look upto K.V.Enterprises  as their sales agent but also an extended arm in India who can provide them an integrated representation for application, designing installation and training support along with local engineering value addition to their customers   We understand how India works. Indian markets, though lucrative are also very complicated. The diverse culture, vast population, mix of orthodox and contemporary business styles, large geography and a host of other aspects make India a very different business proposition. In its decade long journey, K.V.Enterprises has provided technology solutions to a wide spectrum of industries across India and has built long lasting customer relationships.

Which is why, we understand the different business environments and processes that exist in various industries and are preferred vendors across demanding verticals. Today, the K.V.Enterprises sales and marketing team is aware of purchase schedules, user needs, technical approvals, purchase and schedule criteria and other buying trends that are typical to Indian public and private sector organisations. Our registrations with all the major customers are in place to ensure that no business goes unnoticed.

Proven competence

  1. K.V.Enterprises has technically competent, product line dedicated, sales and service teams with proven capability to adopt new technologies entering the market.
  2. Balanced headquarter and regional organization structure.
  3. “Key Customer Approach” for good relationships with customers.
  4. Customized solutions to ensure customer trust and satisfaction, rather than offering standardized solutions.
  5. Long lasting relationships with all principals and customers.

Presence across India With headquarters in Delhi , the capital of India, and branches spread across multiple locations that cater to strategic markets, K.V.Enterprises can easily reach out to customers in the shortest possible time frames.

Today, K.V.Enterprises’ officessales Representatives located all over India, provide solutions to the Power, Oil & Gas, Defence, Aerospace, Information Technology, Automobile, Education, Steel, Oil, Mining and other critical sectors.

A strong sales and service network, with 12 Group sales offices and more than 150 Group  Employees across India, ensures prompt customer support and service.   Considering the trends of growth and potential in Solar/Exotic/Analytical solutions we solicit representation from organizations looking for partners/agents in India.

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