Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals & Malls

Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals & Malls

We are the leading Service Provider of Floor Coating Services.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Keeping in view assorted requirements and demands of our honored clientele, we are competent to render Epoxy Floor Coating to our customers. Our service is accomplished using the advanced techniques.

Price Range of Product Starts From Rs150/Sq.Meter and Goes Upto Rs2000/Sq.Meter based on Micron Thickness.


  • Storage, plant, parking lot, maintenance shop, machine room, paper mill, hardware factory, wharf, gas station, etc.


  • Dust-proof, waterproof, mold-proof, wear-resistant, strong adhesion, smooth and seamless, simple construction, easy to clear and maintain.

ESD Flooring Services

We are rendering ESD Flooring Service to our patrons. Due to prompt completion, our offered service is extremely admired in the market. Our service meets on client’s demand. Moreover, we render this service as per patron’s demand.

Prices may vary in the basis of Micron Thickness.

Scope of application:

  • Electron, computer production and packing area, telecommunication, computer control center, Arsenal, gunpowder store.


Surface morphology:

  • rolling or toweling face
  • smooth, wear resistant, press resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant, chemical resistant; 2.produce and prevent static or electromagnetic wave, avoid the destroy of static spark and electromagnetic wave; 3.Adjust the Conductive resistance range from 1*106 to 1*109 according to application situation.

Anti Skid Coating Service

We offfer Anti Skid Coating Service for residences will be with additional safety for senior citizens, enhanced clean look of Floors, transparent- no visible changes, Hygienic, no foul smell, no noise, easy and fast.

Application :

  • Bathrooms, Stairs, External Stairs (helps protect during rains) Wash areas, Kitchens, Swimming pool deck, Balcones, wet and slipery floor ect..

Colorful Permeable Epoxy Flooring Service

Industries Served Automobile, Electronics, Workshops, Showrooms

Our entity holds years of experience in rendering Colorful Permeable Epoxy Flooring Service. This service is handled by well-informed experts who use reliable printing machine and advanced techniques. Owing to their timely completion and reliability, this service is enormously well-liked in the market.

Scope of Application:

  • Sidewalk, public area, open car park, road inside the park, commercial pedestrian street, road and courtyard of residential areas, etc.


  • color permeable asphalt flooring of significant value of environment. It can absorb the noise of vehicles, make the rainwater flitter into the solid, supply the underground water effectively, protect the urban natural water system. At the same time, it helps the regular roads to resolve the problem of surface ponding, and make the riding more safe and comfortable. It improves the living environment of human beings.

Chemical Resistant Floor Coating Services

Whether commercial or industrial, concrete floors are porous by nature. Without the proper Chemical Resistant Coating Service, solvents, acids, alkalis, and other compounds can be absorbed by the concrete slab and deteriorate it from within—they may even flow straight through and contaminate the soil underneath

Our full line of chemical resistant flooring & coatings protects both your concrete floor and the environment around it, helping prevent damage from exposure to corrosive compounds. These flooring systems are used in commercial kitchens and laboratories, food production facilities, manufacturing plants and other environments, and they can give you the lasting protection you need for your business, too.

Screed Flooring Service

We are massively indulged in offering to our patrons’ Screed Flooring Service. Due to our devotion and specialization towards the quality, these services are enormously valued by our clients. Apart from this, these services are executed by nimble personnel as per the patrons’ demands.
Prices may vary according to Micron Thickness.

Scope :

  • Electron, appliance, ironware, machinery factory, food, textile, Supermarket, parking lot, chemical, factory, lab.

Car Parking Deck Coating Service

To meet the variegated necessities of our respected patrons, we are engaged in rendering Car Parking Deck Coating Service. These services are accomplished under the guidance of well-informed experts who have prosperous industry practice and skill. We render these services at nominal prices.

Flooring characteristic:

  • Wear resistant, pressure resistant, impact resistant, prolonging the life span of roads. It also has excellent antiskid property and enables the driving comfortable and smooth.
  • Improve the driving condition by reducing the noise and increase security in wet weather by reducing or even removing the splashing and mist.
  • Good withstand low temperature capacity and anti-aging heating capacity. It can be used for all weather conditions and resist UV ray.
  • Seamless surface, beautiful patterns and obvious landmark. It beautifies the road environment.

Acrylic Floor Coating Service

Through regular research and development, we are offering an exclusive collection of Acrylic Floor Coating to our valuable clients. These services are offered with following the set industry guidelines. In addition to this, these coating services are admired for timely execution.

Scope of application:

  • Electroplate factory, battery factory, chemical factory, chemical store or trench, large water tank, electrolyzer, waste water holding tank, Acid &alkali neutralization pool.


  • Vinyl resin has the physical performance of epoxy resin, it’s quick to harden unsaturated polyester and simple and convenient to shape, and its good chemical resistance enables it show the good corrosion-resistance under most acid and alkali solvent condition.

Useful life: 10 years

EPU Coating Service

Backed by highly accomplished personnel in this arena, we are offering Departmental EPU Coating Service. A team of dexterous personnel works in close coordination with our patrons to impart these services as per their needs. Provided services are largely valued amid our patrons for their on-time execution.
Price Range of Product Starts From Rs250/Sq.Meter and Goes Upto Rs25000/Sq.Meter based on Micron Thickness.

Scope of application:

  • Electron, appliance, ironware, machinery factory, food, textile, Supermarket, parking lot, chemical, medicine factory, lab.


  • Dust-proof, waterproof, mold-proof, smooth, without holes, oil- resistant, chemical resistant, wear-resistant, press resistance, strong impact resistance, well toughness.
  • Thickness: 1.0mm 2.0mm 3.0mm Useful life: 5—12 years

Metallic Expression Epoxy Flooring Service

Application Method Of Floor Coating Roller
Industries Served Automobile, Electronics

Leveraging on our huge industry understanding and knowledge, we are providing Metallic Expression Epoxy Flooring Service. These provided services are delivered by well-trained professionals as per set industry guidelines. Due to its perfection and promptness, this service is broadly valued by our clients.


  • Long lasting
  • Unmatched quality
  • Excellent range


  • Highly decorative metallic floor finish
  • Versatile design potential
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Seamless hygienic finish
  • UV light stable

3D Floor Coating Service

Application Method Of Floor Coating Roller
Industries Served Automobile, Electronics, Workshops, Showrooms

Being one of the reputed firms in the industry, we are offering a wide range of 3D Epoxy Floor Coating Service to our precious clients. These offered coating services are used in various fields. In addition to this, these coating services are admired for its timely execution.

Floor Polishing Service

Frequency Required As per customers need
Material Required Marble
Applications Interior Tiles, Floor, Hotel Lobby, Interior Walls, Offices

Floor Polishing Services are offered maintaing standard. My City services prepare the floor by thoroughly vacuuming and cleaning the floor to remove debris. Our professionals are offering these services after analyzing the requirements of our customers.

EPU Floor Coating Services

Application Method Of Floor Coating Roller
Industries Served Automobile, Electronics, Workshops, Showrooms, Pharmaceuticals

Catering a huge clientele group with our advantageous services, we are presenting the new EPU Floor Coating. We are backed by a team of skilled professionals to help our customers with the best grade EPU Floor Coating. Making use of latest trend and technology, our professionals provide the leak proof and anti-

  • Anti-cracking protection
  • Timely execution
  • Customization

Car Parking Coating Service

We are instrumental in offering the best quality Car Parking Coating Service (Anti-Skid And Textured ) to our precious clients. Our special team of adept professionals uses their vast knowledge and expertise to carry out this service within the scheduled time-frame. Our renowned professionals precisely check all the parameters associated to this service in the best possible manner.

Kaiser K11 Superflex

Davco K11 Superflex is a dual component resilient hydraulic micro mortar used for protection and waterproofing.

Kaiser PU Waterstop

PU WaterstopA modified solvent free di isocyanate (MDI) resin and a specified catalyst

A modified solvent free di isocyanate (MDI) resin and a specified catalyst.

Basement Waterproofing

Hidden from sight, the below grade portion of a building typically serves some essential function.

Parking, garages, some non-critical storage and laundry area are commonly placed underground. Here the waterproofing requirement is not very strict.

However, for important function rooms, storage and technical areas like offices, high-end moisture-free data storage centres filled with high-tech equipment; any of these services may be located below grade in buildings.

In many countries, it is important to have special rooms in Basement in case of unfortunate circumstances like war, earthquake, etc.

Containment Waterproofing

Retention Pools / Tanks of Sewage Waters / Chemicals Effluents require protection of the subsoil and groundwater against pollution.

Following the specific requirements Sika®WP Shield Sheet Membranes, SikaTop®Seal Liquid Membranes or Sikagard®Epoxy Coatings would be beneficial.

Wet Room Waterproofing

pageimage.img.400 (2)

Wet Rooms have to withstand highest requirements.

Sika offers a full range of cementitious, acrylic & polyurethane waterproofing solutions for use under protective coats.

Joint sealing products like sealing tapes, tile grouts as well as silicones round the wet room system off and meet highest standards.

Podium & Terrace Waterproofing

Waterproofing System & Membrane Solution for the protection of Roof Deck.

Tunnel Waterproofing

Tunnel seal is used for protecting the construction of tunnels against damage resulting in moisture or unintentional entry of water.

It also protects against the danger posed by aggressive water / soils & the effects of chemicals.

Joint Waterproofing

All kind of concrete structure contains Construction Joints and very often Expansion Joints considering high movements.

Sika® Combiflex Adhesive Tapes, SikaSwell® Profiles & Sealants and SikaFuko® Injection Hose System allows the design of the correct and practical sealing solution for each and every type of joints in the structure.

Injection Waterproofing

Sika Injection Systems are used in the Repair & Waterproofing of Concrete Structures like sealing of Cracks, waterproofing of Construction & Expansion Joints and repair of damaged membranes.

Concrete Repair

Cementitious Repair Mortars

Sika provide a full range of pure cement based products, cementitious, polymer-modified repair mortars and epoxy for different repair works and specific requirements.

Epoxy Repair Mortars

Epoxy based products are suitable in selected applications, e.g. for high strength bearing areas, early flexural and compressive strength, etc.


Structural Adhesive

An adhesive which forms bonds that will bear loads of considerable magnitude. Structural Adhesive is used to prepare bonded joints which are able to sustain very high loads.


Structural Strengthening

Structural Strengthening systems consist of different type of materials which can be used for flexural, shear and axial strengthening as well as increasing seismic resistance of structures.


Hydrophobic Impregnations

Hydrophobic impregnations help increase the durability of concrete structures by reducing the water uptake behaviour and preventing the ingress of water dissolved contaminants such as chlorides.


Cementitious Grouts

Cement based grouting products are suitable for different fixing and bedding applications as manchinery bases, bearing plates, steel frames, etc.

Epoxy Grouts

Epoxy based grouting products are suitable in selected applications, e.g. for high strength bearing areas, early flexural and compressive strength, dynamic loading, etc.

Injection Grouts

Injection technology is a key element for modern constructions. The selective filling of cracks, joints, gaps or pores in concrete or brick constructions as well as in soil or rock takes place on nearly every construction side.



ArcValidator is a systematic and accurate validation solution that links both workshop and office based process, meeting both local quality control and national validation standards requirements to EN 50504 and IEC EN 60974-14.

ArcValidator is suitable for a variety of users including maintenance workshops, welding equipment service providers, hire companies and mobile service teams. You can connect and validate welding equipment from other welding equipment manufacturers easily, without any separate adapters. ArcValidator saves you time, money and provides detailed customer records.


  • Fast and accurate with all welding machine makes and models (Measuring accuracy up to 550 A)
  • Fully automated for the most sophisticated Kemppi equipment
  • Step-by-step process guidance
  • Includes PC software and certificate creation
  • Integrated wire speed measurement
  • Supports EN 50504 standards requirements
  • MIG, TIG, MMA compatible
  • Manages both pre and post validation process
  • Load bank is easy to move and use
  • Automatic validation with Fastmig M, Fastmig X, KMS, Pulse and Kemparc Pulse

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due to automatized system/workflow



as step-by-step process minimizes human errors



PROGYS 200E FV CEL (no accessories)











Trolley 10m³ - XL/TM1













Hand Pallet Truck


Scissor Hand Pallet Truck

The KVE’s Pedestrian operated Electric Stacker type EJC has been designed specially for flexible handling of palletised loads and for increased performance at high lift heights with high residual capacities as well as long usage times.

KVE’s electric stackers with AC technology provides additional advantage of reduced maintenance, improved power utilisation and improved battery life.

Features and Specs :

  • The electric pedestrian stacker incorporates MOSFET programmable stepless speed controller with diagnostic feature.
  • The electric stacker are available in 1500 / 1700 kg capacities.
  • The electric pedestrian stacker are available with lift height up to 6.3 mtr.
  • The electric stacker comes with enhanced safety with dual speed operation.
  • The electric stacker offers best residual capacities in its class.
  • The electric stacker incorporates heavy duty integrated drive unit.
  • The Panorama mast in electric stacker ensures best possible view.
  • The electric stacker offers optimum stability and traction.
  • The electromagnetic brake in electric stacker ensures efficient braking and high safety.
  • Easy and safe operation with KVE’s renowned low-hinged handle bar at left corner in electric stacker to facilitate easy positioning of load.

Kelley HVLS fans produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, consistently circulating air in large spaces. The 2-3 mph breeze delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree reduction in the perceived temperature, keeping employees cool and comfortable. Balanced air circulation reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation, keeping food and produce dry and fresh and reducing spoilage.

These advantages come with reduced energy consumption, as well. By having big fans working with the HVAC system to better regulate temperature from floor to ceiling, a facility can raise the thermostat setting 3-5 degrees, creating the potential for up to 4% energy savings per degree change. And integrating your Kelley industrial fans with iFAN® software allows for central monitoring of fan activity for optimum performance and energy efficiency.


Automatic high powered floor vaccum cleaner Key Features Model …


High powered professional floor vaccum cleaner Promidi 200cp is …


Professional floor vaccum cleaner machine Promidi 200p is a …


Automatic floor vaccum cleaner machine for professional vaccum cleaning Promidi 200m …

Ruby 50

Professional floor scrubbing machine in India Dulevo India pvt ltd is …


Professional electric floor cleaning machine online Dulevo India pvt. Ltd are …

Ruby 55

Electric floor cleaning machine/ equipment for professional use in India Dulevo …

Ruby 55E

Ruby 55E- Automatic scrubber machine for professional use Key Features Theoretical …

GT 50

GT 50- Automatic srubber machine for professional and industrial use Key …

Amber 66

Professional floor scrubber machine for floor cleaning – Amber 66 Scrubber Machine …

Amber 83

Professional floor scrubbing and cleaning machine Dulevo India pvt. ltd.  are …


Coral 65m- Industrial floor cleaning and sweeping machine Key features Theoretical …

Sapphire 70s

Sapphire 70s- Industrial floor cleaning machine with scrubber drier Sapphire 70s …

Sapphire 85s

Sapphire 85s- Industrial floor cleaning and sweeping machine Key Features Theoretical …

Quartz 66/80

Industrial/professional floor scrubber drier machine for scrubbing…

Diamond 85

Diamond 85- Industrial scrubber machine for floor cleaning Key Features Theoretical …

Coral 85

Coral 85- Industrial scrubber based cleaning and sweeping machine Key Features …

Sapphire 65

Sapphire 65- Industrial floor cleaning and sweeping machine with scrubber Key …

Sapphire 85

Scrubber drier machine for Industrial and professional floor cleaning Dulevo India …

Dulevo India pvt ltd is also a manufacturer of professional sweepers for the purpose of professional cleaning and sweeping solutions in India. These sweepers are efficient for cleaning and sweeping places like roads, streets, pavements, and others. These sweeper machines are able to reach difficult and uneven places quite easily. For professional cleaning requirements, we have two options available :
1. Sweepers having no seating options for the operator/ walk behind sweeper.
2. Sweepers with an option for ride along operator/ with a seat for the operator.
Both the options are suitable for professional cleaning and sweeping requirements in India. Both type of sweepers are available with many options for the customer.

Dulevo 1300

Industrial/ professional floor sweeping and cleaning machines in India …

Spark 1000

SPARK 1000- Industrial cleaning and sweeping machine Key Features …

Spark 1000 HD

Spark 1000HD- Industrial cleaning and sweeping machine Key Features …

EVO BLU 24/7

Steam based industrial cleaning and mopping machine/equipment Evo Blu 24/7 is …

Carmen Plus

Industrial cleaning and mopping machine for industrial/professional use in India Carmen …

Carmen Plus 7

Steam based industrial/professional cleaning and mopping machine Carmen Plus 7 is …


Industrial/professional steam based cleaning machine with mopping function Steam box vac …


Steam based industrial/professional cleaning machine Steam Box Mini is an industrial …


Steam based professional cleaning machine Steam Box Vac Mini 10 bar …


Steam based industrial cleaning machines for industrial/professional use Steam Box Mini …

QUIKY 10.100

High Pressure water jet based professional cleaning equipment/ washer Quiky 10.100 …

JOLLY 150/15

High pressure water jet device/ washer for professional cleaning Jolly 150/15 …


Professional high pressure water jet based cleaning device/ washer with plungers …

Aspiro 101

Aspiro 101- Vaccum cleaner machine for industrial use Key features Suction …

M450 S ECO 2.2

M 450 S ECO 2.2- industrial floor cleaning machine| industrial vaccum …


SkyPipe For False Ceiling Areas

SkyPipe is installed in areas having false ceiling.  It is customised  according to the make and design of the roof profile, the type of false ceiling, distance of the final roof to the false ceiling, Lux level requirement etc. We are know to customise our SkyPipe, daylight harvesting unit. They are also know as Day light pipe or solar light pipes.

SkyPipe Turbo Combo

SkyPipe can be seamlessly combined with turbo ventilators or wind driven turbines. this gives natural light with natural air.

2X Lightball For Open Sheds

Light ball is specially designed for non false ceiling areas to give double the natural light when compared to it’s competitor of the same size. this effectively means that the customer need almost half the size in Light ball to get the same amount of light as the competition.


  • High Light diffusing Prismatic dome with matching roof profile.
  • Option of Single / Double / Triple glazed.
  • With Double and Triple glazed option of PC diffuser and/or PC lenses
  • UV Stabilised.
  • Uncontrolled / Semi controlled lighting with medium to Low heat ingress. Double and Triple Glazed
  • The high coverage area of 12,00 to 16,00 Sq. Feet.
  • Lux / Lumens output as desired / BEE standards
  • Suitable for the normal roof without false ceiling/roof insulation.
  • Budgetary solution for those opting for transparent sheet.
  • The option of two shapes
  • Rectangular Recommended for standing seam
  • Circular shape. The recommended option for nonstanding seam
Specs of Ekool
  • High light collecting / diffusing single dome with matching roof profile
  • UV stabilized material
  • High light coverage up to 1600 Sq.Ft
  • Suitable for the normal roof without insulation and false ceiling
  • Cost effective solution for daylighting.
Specs of E Kool Plus
  • High Light collecting clear prismatic dome top dome made of PC with matching roof adaptor
  • High light diffusing structured prismatic diffuser made of PC
  • Both are UV stabilized.
  • The coverage area of up to 1200 Sq.Ft.
  • Suitable for roofs without false ceiling or roof insulation.
  • Cost effective solution for daylighting.
Specs of E Kool Grand 
  • Additional Prismatic diffuser / lenses option. Rest similar to E Kool Plus

Dustbin 1100 Ltr. MS&GI

Dustbin 1100 Ltr. MS&GI




Desilting Container Machine

Portable Compactor

Truck Mounted Vacuum Sweeping Machine

Sky Lift

Hook Loader Machine

Super Sucker Machine

Sewer Suction Machine

Speed 2000

Mini Sweep

Sewer Cleaning Machine

Dumper Placer

Presently H.S. Builtech’s principal activities cover a spectrum of construction activities which includes:

  1. Civil Engineering:

  → Roads and Highways

  → Drainage; Sewerage and Water Supply Works.

  →  Earthworks

  →  Bridges

   →  High & Low – Rise Buildings, Factories, Farm   Houses, Management and Maintenance

  1. Quarrying
  2. Property Development and Investment

4. Trading in Building Construction Material

5. Providing Ready Mix Concrete

6. Importer – Exporter for machinery / equipment.

H.S. Builtech services include detailed engineering field services, material procurement and over all project and construction management


It owns a large fleet of sophisticated construction equipment including heavy construction such as Tower Crane, Monkey Crane, Tower Hoist, Excavators, Graders, Soil compactors, Dumpers, Tankers, Generating Sets and transportation and camp equipments.



Construction of a bulk fuel storage system consisting of TTOF Site (ECP-1), diesel fuel transfer line from the TTOF site to the South Tank Farm Site, South Tank Farm and the North Tank Farm inside Bagram Air Base and a TS-1 fuel transfer line from the North Tank Farm to the South Tank Farm.


United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)


Begram Air Field, Afghanistan


Contrack constructed a bulk fuel storage system at the Begram Air Field in Afghanistan, one of several projects awarded by the USACE in the country. Contrack has been a top USACE contractor for over a decade.


At the TTOF site the scope of work is comprised of a 10,000 gallon diesel drop tank, transfer pumps, and loading and unloading truck positions. At the South Tank Farm, the scope of work includes construction of one 420,000 gallon JP-8 cut and cover storage facility, including pump house.  Work also included construction of two 250,000 gallon DF-2 cut and cover storage tanks with fill stands.

At the North Tank Farm, the scope of work included construction of three 1,050,000 gallon TS-1 cut and cover storage tanks, including pump house for each tank, and a filter control facility. Work will also include a transfer line from the South Tank Farm to the North Tank Farm bag farm, storage tanks, pump house, filter building and six fill stands.

Oil Storage & Distribution System

SST India designed and manufactured to perfection, our company is considered as one of the renowned and preeminent supplier and service provider  of  petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG and all type of storage vessel systems. Designed using premium metallic  alloys, these have accurate dimensions, sturdy construction and can with -stand temperature fluctuations.
Some of the quality features possessed by our product wide range are listed below :-

Features :

  • Magnetically coupled agitated vessels for vaccines
  • Blending/mixing vessels for liquid oral, IV fluid, injectables and other liquid applications
  • Storage tanks for water for injection and purified water storage systems
  • Pressure vessel for various applications
  • GMP reactors for crystallization, blending, heat transfer application with scrapper with agitator, anchor agitator, custom built agitation solutions
  • Sterilizers for intravenous system

Applications :

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry Request
  • Manufacturing  Industries.

We are a total water management company with engineering capabilities to undertake and execute turnkey solutions for water and waste water management. Absolute water commitment to the environment, keep sit in the forefront of product innovations, purification and recycling technologies. We provides water solutions for Institutions, Industry, Municipal Authorities, and Commercial Buildings.

RO water distribution is a major concern in industries, commercial buildings and in warehouses.  We have complete solution of designing, distributing and generating for RO softwater System.

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