ENERGY GUARD® Dock Leveler Seal


The ENERGY GUARD® dock leveler seal is the most effective way to prevent energy loss at your loading dock. This superior perimeter dock leveler seal also blocks dirt, debris and pests.  Its design is simple and effective, with no parts installed under the dock leveler or on the pit floor. And because no fabric is exposed to the face of the loading dock wall (where trailers and debris could easily cause damage), ENERGY GUARD® has proven long-term durability. It can be factory installed on new equipment orders or installed in the field to enhance your existing equipment. When you need improved cleanliness and energy efficiency, ENERGY GUARD® is the dock leveler weather seal to choose.


  • Seal assemblies rotate rather than scrape the pit wall so no scheduled maintenance is required
  • Expanded sealing range creates an effective perimeter seal up to 9″ above dock level
  • Rear hinge seal assembly’s durable 2-ply material flexes during operation to block air flow at the rear
  • Design leaves access to the pit clear for cleaning and dock leveler inspections
  • Factory Installed – No field installation or pit mounted hardware
  • Design avoids risk of fabric being cut, torn or damaged by trailers or debris resulting in expensive replacement
  • Unrestricted access to pit for cleaning and dock leveler inspection. No curtains or fabric blocking access to the dock leveler and pit
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