MultiSmart Arm

Ultimate efficiency


MultiSmart™ extraction arm’s unique, clear-thru design gives a completely uninterrupted airflow and the lowest pressure loss of any arm on the market. Maintaining high airflow without turbulence eliminates the build-up of particulate and reduces the cost of maintenance. The safety encased arm mechanism is outside the air stream producing “one touch” smooth movement combined with outstanding stability. The MultiSmart™ (MSA) is versatile, lightweight and safe, providing unsurpassed airflow with ergonomic design, and easily accessible controls.


  • Clear-thru design allows maximum air velocity, low pressure drop, low noise level and low energy cost
  • Parallelogram arm ensures one touch smoothness and stays firmly in place
  • External arm chassis provides strong support and outstanding stability, support and balance
  • Aluminium tube makes the arm light and robust

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Recommended for

  • Production welding
  • Dust collection
  • Plasma cutting
  • Mist collection
  • Workbench applications
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