Our Ambition

Even after the recent downturn &  despite a damaged business environment, following an unprecedented economic slowdown that affected the entire world, K.V.Enterprises remains on course for long-term development and reaffirms its ambition.

More than size and revenue, its leadership is evident in the vision shared by its entire workforce:

  • To be no. 1 means opening doors to new markets before the competition by extending geographic and technological boundaries.
  • To be no. 1 means advancing the industry by bringing new, innovative solutions to our customers, and acting in a socially responsible manner.
  • To be no. 1 means being capable of maintaining strong operational and financial performances over the long term.
  • To be no. 1 means having a vision for the company’s future, its employees, its customers and the Stakeholders


Systems are being integrated within the company to  give all teams the momentum necessary to develop the Group’s practices:

  • INTEGRAL: Share a common Group culture.
  • HR DEVELOPMENT: Improve skills, train, recruit and develop company loyalty.
  • Company image: understanding of the Group’s expertise and strategy and develop an image in line with the new Goals.
  • BUSINESS MODELS: Create value by adapting and optimizing economic models used by the Group.
  • This in turn will thus enable the Group to hold its course for long-term development around its  growth drivers that have maintained their potential & are confident in our ability to generate solid and sustainable short ,medium & long -term growth.
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