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K.V.Enterprises with its  various Group companies serves more than 500 customers in extremely diverse industries such as Engineering ,Service Providers , food and beverage, electronics ,Fmcg , Automobile or pharmaceuticals. In order to match the needs of all of these clients, the working  is organized in different Business Lines.

Construction & Architecture

As part of our mission to be a partner with you through life the group has recently ventured into setting up of Complete Design , Engineering & Fabrication of Buildings & workshops for its customers by bringing to them the best in class products & services to meet the ever growing need of the customers to have best of class designing & Engineering solutions at competitive prices.

Backed by our efficient team of Consultants not only to assist you in Building & Fabrications but also to provide you with best possible production layout plannings to ease your systems of operations & thus ensuring minimum wastage of line process time leading to high volumes of Productions backed by simple system integrations , Layouts & processes.

EPC Division

The Company is long involved in providing turnkey pipeline solutions for all kinds of its customer needs starting from the basic requirements of Lpg systems Installations for canteens going upto setup of complete Installation including Vessels & distribution Chanels. Gas Storage systems for steam , gases like CO2,Ammonia, Nitrogen, CNG,PNG, Hydrogen , Argon etc etc alongwith the provisions of Mixing gases in house for various applications in  various proportions ,also incorporating  systems for monitoring & analysis of Usage & purity of Gases, with provisions for detection of Gases in the plant through centralized or Portable systems.

We offer to you complete turnkey solutions for Liquid Storage delivery & distribution systems alongwith all kinds of Government approvals for HSD /Fo /Boilers , Incenerators ,Ro water plants ,Soft water plants etc etc…….

Construction Chemicals

In the endevour to provide our customers a complete solution for there welding needs we offer not only Welding Equipments covering the range of Mig,Tig, Arc ,Plasma Welding  but also  offer the complete range of  Cutting  Equipments from simple cutting torches  upto CNC Plasma Cutting Equipments. We also  offer the complete range of Resistance welding Equipments for Spot ,Seam, Butt & Projection Welding. Also in our stable  we offer the complete range of Brazing & Soldering Equipments. We also offer the best in class consumables for Above alongwith the accessories & Spares required for the Equipments

Material Handling Solutions

We Provide the complete range of Material Handling & storage solutions for our customers starting from basis products like Ladders, Pallet trucks, Trolleys  to  Stackers , Racking systems ,Forklifts, Tow trucks,reach trucks, Dock Levellers ,Scissor lifts , Goods  Lifts, Platform Trucks, Floor &  Roof Conveyors , Hydras, Cranes ,Hoists etc etc…….

Packaging solutions

We provide total solutions for our customers needs of Packing From Consumables to systems of Packaging in all kinds of Automation Begining from Basic Palletizing ,  Strapping, tapping ,Printing, Bar coading, Shrink Wrapping ,Stretch Wrapping , online Weighing & Measurements to Online systems for Packing & Filling. Cartoon  forming etc. We also undertake complete Packaging Contracts

Floor Coating Solutions

We provide complete solutions for your floor Coatings Like epoxies ,Waterproofing compounds,Floor Hardening Compounds And/any compounds for your  Special civil & Construction  needs.

Safety & Clean Envoirnamental solutions

We offer the best in world Solutions for a cleaner & safer Envoirnment along with our associate channel Partners who have an established excellence in these fields. With the top of line  safety products available in the world we offer the complete range of Welder safety products like Welding Helmets, Welding curtains, Welding Booths, Fume Extraction systems Portable & Centralised, We also offer clean air Ventilation solutions for a better envoirnment.

Our Range also covers floor cleaning solutions like Scrubbers, Dryers, High Pressure Jet Pumps, Industrial & general Vaccum Cleaners, Industrial & heavy duty Sweepers

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