Portable high-vacuum dust and fume filter/collector


The PHV is a portable extractor. It extracts welding fumes and grinding dust near the source. The PHV can be used everywhere, even in locations that are not or hardly accessible to ordinary extraction arms or mobile units. The unit can be mounted on the wall or used as a mobile unit, on wheels.

Ease of use

The integrated automatic start/stop device makes it easy to operate a PHV unit. The unit turns on automatically, as soon as welding starts and turns off automatically as soon as the welding activities stop. This user-friendly feature guarantees its effectiveness in removing welding fumes, reduces the sound levels and saves energy.

How does the portable extractor work

The PHV unit extracts the welding fumes at the source, near the welding process. Separation and filtration takes place in five steps and ensures a filtration efficiency of almost 100%*.

  • The tangential inlet starts with the cyclonic separation of the larger particles.
  • Two spark arresters prevent sparks from reaching the filter cartridge. A removable/cleanable aluminium pre filter captures the larger particles while the integrated spark arrester captures the finer particles.
  • The Dura-H main filter cartridge has a surface of 12 m2,resulting in a long filter lifespan and a consistent high filtration thanks to the alternately sealed channel technology.
  • The optional activated carbon filter (FAC -HV) neutralises unpleasant smells.
  • The final HEPA* filter guarantees the high filtration efficiency. The HEPA filter makes the PHV suitable for stainless steel welding fume applications and is fitted as standard.


  • Four-stage filtration system
  • Long filter lifespan of the Dura-H filter cartridge.
  • Safe, easy operation
  • Automatic start/stop system, saving energy costs
  • Low noise level

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